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The best solution for home users. Backup all your documents, photos and files.
  • Safe & Secure

    Encrypted uploads and storage.

  • Simple Installation Web Access –

    View your files anywhere.

  • Restore

    Simple process to restore all your files.

  • Upgrade

    Easily upgrade your account for more data.


1 TB of space just $79 / 1 user(s)

The best solution for business of any size for secure files storage and document sharing.
  • Multiple User Accounts

    Access for your staff controlled by your administrator account.

  • Customized Web Portal

    Add your company logo or banner.

  • Easy File Sharing

    Share your file easily with anyone even with non Boomerangbackup Account.

  • Video Streaming

    Stream your videos and audios without waiting.


1 TB of space just $49 / 333 user(s)

The best solution for IT Companies and Solution Providers for sharing documents and storing application data and backups.
  • Unlimited Client Access

    Manage unlimited clients with secure folder access.

  • API Access

    Direct access using custom API ideal for automated backup storage and application integration.

  • Reseller Support

    Access our support team directly for technical support and sales.

  • Unlimited Client Folders

    Create unlimted folders for your clients.

Free Backup

Enjoy Free 200 MB

Easy to use online backup for PC & Mac.
  • Cloud backup for all of your office PCs

    Backup all your most important files.

  • Share and collaborate on files

    File Sharing Enabled.